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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> three feet of snow in some parts. the big dig out of the blizzard is on. first, a horrifying crime in maryland. accused ofld boy his seven month old sister while their mother was out work. he has admitted to doing things to that baby. we have a reporter live in silver springs. that throughout
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investigation, this is heartbreaking anyway you look at this. you can imagine the anguish for both of the children. the tragedy took place inside their apartment. police say a 14-year-old boy is murdering his seven month old sister. >> it is set. investigators say -- it is sad. investigators say that the mother left the boy to babysit his little sister. he admitted to causing and also placing his asds over her mouth and nose she was crying. when she stopped crying, he placed her in her baby seat. the mother returned about the baby was sleeping. when she tried to wake her for , she realized the infant was not responding. it is a shame.
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really to a lesser taken away. -- two lives are taken away. investigators are asking why a 14-year-old was left in charge. it is permissible to have a a youngerd watch sibling. under normal circumstances. tonight some neighbors say it may be that law needs to be .hanged the meantime, the 14-year- old is being charged as an adult in force degree murder. -- in a first degree murder. he has hearing on monday afternoon. reporting live, abc 7 news. for years, boston has been that that hasig, a new meaning. buried in more than three feet of snow. we have team coverage.
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we begin with richard reeve. he joins us in the newsroom. the hard work is beginning. talk about giving -- digging out. one man says the shoveling is .ike live the cement more than 650,000 are without .ower tonight >> slowly, new england is .igging out never seen it this bad. this is the worst. in connecticut, 30 inches of snow. >> out here, you're trying to dig yourself out. i got stuck good. >> more than 24 hours of , accompaniedng up by hurricane force winds. >> did not know how rough it was going to be. four people were killed on
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icy roads. massachusetts, a boy died in a .ar the father told him to sit in the car. the father realizes he is not reading. 's the snow blocked the car pipes. >> getting stuck on the intersections. this is target accumulating. many were trapped inside cars overnight. no food, no drink, no nothing. did you call anyone for help? trying to get the police. a white blanket burying in sight -- trash cans, doorways, even road signs. >> shovels. >> the snow is so high that
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people could not even opened her front door. -- their front door. it does not just the snow. .oastal flooding this will be a long cleanup. live in the newsroom, richard reeve, abc 7 news. we felt the powerful winds. could we be in store for our own winter weather? let's check in with steve rudin. let's move through the next seven days or so. it looks like two systems will be mainly rain. after that, maybe some changes. look look at our doppler radar. snow across cape cod and quickly moving out. 24.9 inches of snow fell in boston. that is their fifth largest snowstorm on record. closer to home, a cold night.
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28 in quantico. weatherwhether -- 18-25 degrees. coming up, we will talk about the seven day outlook. there is a potential we could the amount of snow we ate seen so far this season reagan national airport. thank you. a woman in capital heights is are trying toe figure out who killed her. police are still on the scene. investigators earlier she had been attacked. she was taken to the hospital here she was announced dead. anyone with information should give police a call. developing news out of prince george's county. we have learned the identity of who was shot and killed by police.
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she was 33 years old. police responded to the apartment after receiving a court that she had a knife in the hallway. there was a confrontation. they knocked on her door and said, put your hands up. i guess you try to open the and we heard a gunshot. she died at prince georges hospital center. some say that she might have had mental health issues. police are investigating what happened. disturbing new details emerging about the man of killing three people because he was fired by the los angeles police department. lapd will reopen investigation into the case that led to dismissal. dorner's >> the manhunt continues for accused cop killer, christopher .orner they are reopening an
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investigation into his firing from the force. he wants to make sure that the public knows that the los police department is fair and transparent. claims he was 2008fully terminated in .or reporting abuse he vowed revenge by killing officers and their families. even taunted a victim's family after the shooting spree. like warfare. >> federal court documents show identifying himself as christopher dorner. ã me should've done a better job protecting his daughter. should've done a better. protecting his daughter. shot the officers. he then vanished. >> just because we have not does notm mr. dorner
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doeshe is dangerous -- mean he is not dangerous. is. police are still scouring the mountains where his truck was found. officials ellis it might have been torched after breaking down. it might have been torched after breaking down. they are warning air force that might take an airplane. abc 7 news, los angeles. hundreds gathered in chicago to honor a girl who was killed gang violence. the 15-year-old was shot and killed days after she performed for president obama's second inauguration. she was caught in the crossfire of a gang related shooting. the shooter is still at large. >> got a biters are flocking to gun shows.
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organizers are expecting record- gun buyers are shows.g to gun organizers are expecting record- breaking crowds. some say the oppose president obama's call for more gun control. last year there were 77,000 background checks that were enied or decline. we did not prosecute those folks. advocates of universal background checks say law- yers nothing tor .ear there has been a huge spike in people arese concerned that congress will approve more gun control laws. @huge water main break in laurel tonight. it broke earlier this evening. a spokesperson said a contractor apparently hit a pipe. customers in the area might experience low water pressure.
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it is not clear how long the repairs will take. >> faculty and students at georgetown university are being to lock their doors after a couple of burglaries. someone broke into an unlocked and stole a laptop and from a faculty member. monday, someone walked into and stoled dorm room several items. we are days away from the --ming also, more trouble for chris brown. also, more trouble for chrislook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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calling on congress to come up with a short term solution to the problem. they use the fiscal cliff as an example. gabrielle giffords will be appearing. she was replaced last year. she will be listening to what the president has to say on gun violence. everyone else. d.c. residents got some free advice on how to prepare their satreturns today. residents tax expertsrtified and filed their taxes. >> have it done for free. save mor doe dollars. just making them aware of what credits they are eligible for. she has held organize this
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yearly event. lots of residents walk knowing they have save money. the lunar calendar has begun. [gong] with that, china and most asian countries marked the occasion today. it is now the year of the snake. >> looks almost like times square there. they had fireworks. it scares away the evil spirits. >> still here. >> we got off lucky. i wish we could've brought more snow. we will work on that in the next week or so. look outside. clear skies. temperature is 33 degrees.
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wind chill factor at 25. winds coming out of the northwest at nine miles per hour. 43 was the high at reagan national. 46 is the average. wind gusts on the weatherbug 45 degrees --ut order five miles per hour earlier. upper northwest d.c., around 50 miles per hour. frederick looking at 23. winchester, 27. snow on the ground. 15 in boston with 25 inches of snow. the snow has come to an end.
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few remaining flakes will opt coast. snow showers will dissipate. they will have a lot of digging do over the next couple of days. jackpot in connecticut. 30 inches of snow. at one point they were looking hour. inches per wow. unbelievable. here is the futurecast. during the day tomorrow, clouds will start to filter in. monday, a different story. showers will move on through. by late afternoon, most of this should be out of here. temperatures will be around 50 or 55 degrees. cool down.e a big mainly clear and cold for the of the overnight. tomorrow, it will look and feel etter out there. you will not have to deal with
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.he wind chill factor 43-48 degrees. we will see highs in the 50's monday. another system appears to be for d.c. and a wintry mix in the mountains. a lot of question marks showing for next weather maps weekend. will redouble our snowfall totals? .> correct we have a whopping 1.5 inches. [laughter] today.ege basketball georgetown got it. dramatic finish. talk about drama. the caps soap opera
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. needed a win tonight. seriously. this is what they needed. they have the worst record in the nfl. the players wanted to hit the .eset button boy did a show tonight. nothing.go up one, he is such awareness on the ice. hits toward brouwer on the breakaway. , caps. washington up 3-0. alex ovechkin, wake up. the caps win, 5-0.
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obviously a lot of positives. goals. great for braden. he made save. after that, we did not give him much. a lot of positives. torchaking of positives, town is ranked 20th in the country. ranking means nothing when it comes to -- could the team as a whole show up against records? second half. misses. it in onth the rebound. you could hear the rim rattling. throws it. y.y it in, crips and eas
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a little over a minute to go now. poprter. -- porter. hoyas win 5 in a row. georgia tech. first. kicks it out to chris. a 3.s wish of net. second half. cruise control. they lost,. w. the mayor is in the house. what can you do? up the jumper. 57-54, butler. less than 5 seconds.
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looks like he fouled. something going on. trying to make the buzzer. no dice. 59-56. delaware and george mason. first half. man down. hits a pretty jumper. second half, down nine. nothing to show for it. goes the other way. man, look at that. hits a3. -72. this is cool. check out the play of the day. at thes that shot buzzer. take another look. the crowd goes nuts.
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it is crucial. ot. recuit him now. >> some say once a raven, always a raven. because of salary cap issues, might -- for the next is in. if that happens, he said he would retire. >> all right. >> especially with the performance. chris brown is making headlines once again. >> what he is accusing of the paparazzi doing earlier. >> what he is accusing of the paparazzi doing earlier.
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to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. troubled singer chris brown in trouble again. on hisng to tmz, brown's a charity event when he says to cars cut him up. the passengers of the vehicle jumped out with cameras and approached him aggressively. brown says he put his car in backed into an alley. two vehicles. brown is reportedly ok.


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